Live your ITALIAN food dream!

 Caravella Fine Food is not just a brand - it's a celebration of timeless traditions and rich flavors that define Italian cuisine. Born in Venice, our journey began in 2009 with a simple yet powerful mission - to bring the authentic taste of Italy to the tables of discerning gourmets worldwide.


What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to selecting only the most exquisite and exceptional ingredients. From our refined Extra Virgin olive oil, carefully crafted from the finest olives, to our gourmet quality coffee that tantalizes the senses, each product reflects the essence of our beloved Italy.


Our famous extra virgin olive oils are the result of carefully selecting the finest olives from the most prestigious regions of Italy. Every drop is produced with care and dedication, using cold-press methods to preserve all the valuable nutrients and amazing flavors that make our oils so special. Discover our collection of high-quality extra virgin olive oils form new 2023-2024 campaign!


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