Extra virgin olive oil Caravella Classico is a 100% Italian olive oil obtained from selected olives, hand-picked with dedication and love, exclusively cultivated in Italy, harvested and pressed within 12 hours, giving this oil a persistent and unique aromatic charge.

On the palate, it is elegant and complex with balanced tones of bitterness and spiciness. On the nose, it is fresh, enveloping, rich in notes of artichoke, almond, and chicory, with hints of mint and rosemary. This extra virgin oil has a green color with slight golden reflections, presenting a fresh, enveloping aroma with pronounced herbal notes.

It can be paired with seafood appetizers, perfect for enriching risottos, adding a fragrant touch to pasta sauces, and as a perfect seasoning for roasted meat and barbecues.

The predominant characteristic of this oil is an intense "fruttato" flavor.  Available in two sizes - glass bottle of 250 ml and 500 ml.



Discover our delicious recipe  - Grilled Salmon with Caravella Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil Marinade (Mediterranean Style)

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Caravella Premium extra virgin olive oil is a blend obtained from extra virgin oils of the Provenzale - Ogliarola - Leccino olive varieties expertly combined by the Master or "olive oil maestro". Its aromas evoke artichoke, fresh olive, freshly cut grass, and aromatic herbs. It has a light fruity flavor, not aggressive, rounded, complete, pleasant on the palate, overall delicate. Perfect for dressing salads, fish carpaccio, legume soups, bruschetta, it pairs divinely with spaghetti with white truffle.

Caravella Premium extra virgin olive oil is 100% Italian olive oil, unfiltered, of superior quality directly from olives grown in Italy and extracted solely by mechanical processes. The olives are cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvesting. This extra virgin olive oil is purely the freshly extracted juice of the olive fruit.


This delicious extra virgin olive oil with an exceptionally smooth taste, it has a light, non-aggressive flavor which doesn't overpower the flavors, recommended for enhancing delicate dishes. Available in two sizes - glass bottle of 250 ml and 500 ml.




Each of our extra virgin olive oils is a testament to our commitment to quality and flavor. From the richness of Grand Cru to the versatility of Classico, our collection offers something for every palate and culinary occasion. Elevate your dishes to new heights with our extraordinary extra virgin olive oils – a celebration of taste, tradition, and quality.


Caravella Extra virgin Granfruttato - authentic italian olive oil, obtained from the pressing of the Provenzale (or Peranzana) mono cultivar grown in Italy, in a small area of Capitanata in the north of Puglia.

Caravella Granfruttato is a high-quality extra virgin oil with exceptional taste, characterized by a persistent, elegant, and complex aromatic profile with balanced bitter and spicy tones, and well-defined organoleptic properties and characteristics such as freshly cut grass, almond, and artichoke. It has a full, rounded, and very pleasant fruity taste.

Pairings: Caravella Gran Fruttato oil is recommended for use raw on salads, boiled meats, dry pasta, bruschetta, vegetable crudités, legume and vegetable soups. It is an indispensable ally in the kitchen for preparing sauces, stirring risottos and pasta dishes, for frying, sautéing, and preparing desserts.


This exceptional extra virgin olive oil will definitely be appreciated by lovers of bold and pronounced flavors Available in two sizes - glass bottle of 250 ml and 500 ml.




Caravella Grand Cru - 100% pure italian extra virgin olive oil and top of our range - stands out for its freshness and purity, making it perfect for enhancing the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine dishes. This delightful extra virgin olive oil, very velvety in its texture is perfect to add raw to soups, vegetables, legumes, meats, bruschetta, crudités, salads, and medium-salt fish. Thanks to its balanced taste and nutritional properties, this oil is a fundamental element for a healthy diet.

Characteristics Color: Green with golden reflections, which testify to the freshness and authenticity of the product.

Aroma: Medium fruity, with herbaceous notes of artichoke and ripe olive fruit, and to a lesser extent tomato. A bouquet of scents that evoke the territory and tradition.

Taste: It opens with a slight sweet sensation, followed by a pleasant bitter and spicy charge of medium intensity. The persistence is rich in vegetable notes dominated by the herbaceous sensation of grass.

Store it in a cool place away from light to preserve its quality and aromas. Add this precious ingredient to your kitchen to bring to the table all the taste and tradition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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